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Fraud & Security Awareness

At Ozona Bank, we take your protection and security seriously. That is why we invest in the latest technology to protect your information, and offer information for your review that can help you stay safe both online and in person. 

Online Banking Security

Authentication: While usernames and passwords have traditionally been the method by which you gained access to your online information, this authentication process is being strengthened by increased levels of authentication.

  • You may have two-level authentication where a security code is sent to a cell phone or email.
  • Fingerprint and retina identification may be available.
  • Multiple authentication helps confirm that it is you accessing your accounts and not someone who has stolen your identity.
  • Layered security is a separate security process, provided in addition to the multi-level authentication. This ensures that any weakness in one security feature is balanced by a strength in another. So, for example, you may follow one process to log in to your accounts (user/password) and then provide additional security information to authorize funds transfers.

Customer awareness:  Regardless of the strength of the security provided by Ozona Bank, our processes are only as strong as your diligence in protecting yourself online. You can help maintain your security by keeping your computer up-to-date with current software, such as:

  • Anti-virus software
  • Anti-malware programs
  • Firewalls
  • Operating system updates

Avoiding Fraud and Scams

Criminals prey on unsuspecting victims. This unscrupulous behavior occurs constantly but is most prevalent during certain times of year: holidays, tax season, and special payments such as stimulus or benefit checks. 

Warning signs: There are warning signs you're being targeted by a scam:

  • You receive an email asking for personal or financial information, such as your bank account information, social security number, or credit card number
  • You receive a call containing threats or consequences if you don't respond or send requested information
  • You receive an email supposedly from the IRS. The IRS will NOT contact you by email.
  • You receive a phone call or email with odd phrases, incorrect grammar, or missing words.
  • You receive an email with an attachment that supposedly contains "changes in tax law". DO NOT DOWNLOAD! These attachments are often malware that is intended to infect your computer. 

Here's how to avoid being a victim:

  • Never send sensitive information in an email: account numbers, social security numbers, etc.
  • Screen phone calls and avoid those from an unknown number. Hang up if you do not know the caller.
  • Use authorized sites to download tax forms and similar information. NEVER click a link from an email or advertisement on the internet. 
  • Ignore emails promising great deals on tax preparation, financial advice, lowering bills, and other offers that seem too good to be true - because they are!


You can learn more about online safety and security at these trusted websites:






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